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Ian Bateman FRPS MPAGB Chariots of Fire


Photographic CV




  • Achieved LRPS in general slide photography in 1982
  • Achieved ARPS in slide/sound AV in 1992
  • Achieved FRPS in slide/sound AV in 2003 (first digital ‘F’ in AV)
  • Regularly lecture at RPS regional AV events
  • Guest lecturer at 2004 RPS D.I. Group Event at Rugby
  • Member of AV Distinctions Panel
  • Webmaster for RPS International AV Festival
  • Chair of Jury at 2008 RPS International AV Festival at Cirencester
  • Judge at the Adelaide International AV Festival in 2009



Club Photography

  • Chairman and Past President of Wantage Camera Club
  • Webmaster for CACC Federation
  • AV Competition organiser for CACC
  • Lecturer on CACC circuit
  • Have run numerous digital ‘AV Days’ for photographic clubs throughout the UK, Southern Ireland and the Netherlands
  • Master of PAGB in 2007 (the first ever awarded for a digital submission)


Judging Experience

  • AV / General judge on CACC circuit
  • Member of judging panel at 2003 Great Northern AV Festival
  • Member of judging panel at 2005 Geoffrey Round AV Competition
  • Chair of judging panel at 2006 “3-2-1” AV Competition
  • Judge for Federation AV competitions
  • Panel member of PGAB AV Distinctions panel



Awards (examples)

  • Best “Documentary” sequence at RPS International AV Festival 1998
  • Best “Digital” sequence at RPS International AV Festival 2002
  • Bronze medal at Hayenge Festival 2003
  • Silver medal at Nilvange Festival 2004
  • Silver medal at Brabant Festival 2004
  • Bronze medal at Hayenge Festival 2004
  • “Best Documentary” and Audience Vote winner at the Adelaide AV Festival 2004
  • Silver Medal and Audience Vote at the Great Northern AV Festival 2005
  • Winner of UK and The Netherlands stages of 2008 3-2-1 Competition and placed 3rd globally.