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2017-08(Aug)-09; HDAV.Blog - die Platzierungen des AV-Festivals 2017 in Adelaide - Australien Drucken E-Mail

Audio Visual enthusiasts worldwide are cordially invited to enter the;

Adelaide AV Fest International Audio Visual Festival http://www.a-p-s.org.au/index.php/exhibition/adelaide-av-fest

The Audio Visual Festival will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from 20-23 April 2017.

All entrants as well as Audio Visual enthusiasts are welcome to attend – email us your contact details and we will send you more information regarding the event as soon as it becomes available.
Details will also be published on www.a-p-s.org.au




Results - ADELAIDE AVFest 2017


22 April 2017



Howard Bagshaw ARPS, MPAGB
Alia Naughton AV-AAPS

First in Festival – FIAP Gold Medal
“Ruptura” Marco Casonato & Diana Belsagrio (Italy)
Second in Festival – FIAP Silver Medal
“Evelyn” Michael Rayment (Australia)
Third in Festival – FIAP Bronze Medal
“The Fallen” Ian Bateman (England)
FIAP Badge – Best Author (Highest Number of Acceptances over all sections)
Bill Bruce (Norway)

Documentary: First “In Search of Christina” Richard Brown (England)
Theme: First “Serenissima” Andre Teyck & Axelle Wattiez (Belgium)
Music Poetry and Song: First “Colorful Sax” Henk de Lange (Netherlands)
Humour: First “Breaking Up” John Hodgson (Australia)
Natural History: First “Arctic Fantasia” Bill Bruce (Norway)


FIAP Honourable Mentions
“Jane” Michael Rayment (Australia)
“In Search of the Blues” Alan Boothman (England)
“Retour a Lama” Christian Hendrickx & Andre Teyck (Belgium)
“The Chapel, the Devil & the Bar of Soap” Ian Bateman (England)
“A Rich Legacy” Linda & Edgar Gibbs (Wales)
“Lalena” Luana Laubscher (South Africa)

APS Merit Ribbons
Recurring Dream” Diana Belsagrio (Italy)
“Tsaatan The Last Reindeer Men” Giacomo Cicciotti & Sandra Zagolin (Italy)
“Portrait of Solitude” Diana Belsagrio (Italy)
“CV” Jacek Zaim (Poland)
“The Rebel Countess” Margaret Finlay (Irish Republic)
“Time” Ray Dowding (England)
“Memory to an Old Neighbour” Marcel Batist (Netherlands)
“Stories About Autism” Giacomo Cicciotti & Giulia Molinari (Italy)

Best Original Script: “King Krak & the Dragon” Andrew Gagg (England)
Best Creative Imagery: “Human Impact” Gail Stent (New Zealand)
Best Sound Track: “Queen of the Hills” Malcolm Imhoff (England)
RPS Pollock Medal for Best First Time Entrant: “Ruptura” Marco Casonato & Diana Belsagrio (Italy)

FIAP Acceptances:

“Wander Along Norwegian Valleys” Marcel Batist
“Morning Glory” Marcel Batist
“Into Oblivion” Marcel Batist
“Grove Safari Park” Peter & Jean Kent
“The Hunt” Henk de Lange
“Kakadu” John Hodgson
“Ghost Town” John Hodgson
“Purnululu” John & Judith Hodgson
“Ultima Thule” Bill Bruce
“Lux Polaris” Bill Bruce
“Birds, Beasts & Landscapes” Bill Bruce
“Three Hours in Mashatu” Sally Hinton
“Red Wrens of Caba” Sally Hinton
“Bears at Brooks Falls” Sally Hinton
“ Peace in the World” Sally Hinton
“Is Iceland Made of Ice?” Trish McAuslan
“A Tribute to Claude Monet” Trish McAuslan
“Water Lilies” Carol Packwood
“The Invasion” Sheila Haycox
“Is there Hope?” Sheila Haycox
“Flight of the Bumble Bee” Adri van Oudheusden
“Water” Anne Emmett
“Thou Knowest Not…” Moira Heath & Anne Emmett
“Vesna” Michael Rayment
“Pupchen” Jean-Pierre Simon
“The Aborigine Dream” Jean-Pierre Simon

“I am not a Poet” Domenico Drago
“Lost Reflections” Brendan O’Sullivan
“Cofiwch Capel Celyn” Ron Davies
“Stranger in a Strange Land” Gail Stent
“Entre Terre et Ciel” Denis Celik
“The Gallery” Alan Tyrer
“Remembered” Alan Tyrer
“What we See when we Talk About Love” Paola Piazza & Simone Sigon
“Living with Dementia” Ray Dowding
“Empire of Lights” Jean-Paul Petit & Jacques van de Weert
“Nightsoil or Mind Your Language” Alan Lyons
“Reflextion on Myself” Diana Belsagrio
“Journey with Angels” Maggie Imhoff
“Memories of Slate” Malcolm Imhoff
“Winter’s Gift” Martin Fry
“The Year Turns Around Again” Martin Fry
“Capturing the Moment” Martin Fry
“Without You” Marco Casonato
“Seventh Day” Richard Brown
“Splashdown” Graham Phillips
“Aerobatics” Mary Hunter
“Ballintubber Abbey” Lilian Webb
“Eric” Jenny & Malcolm Gee
“A Heart of Gold” Keith Storey
“Proud” Newell Grenfell
“The Land & the Sea” Charles Hulse
“The Grey Ghost” Keith Leedham
“Sweet Afton” Margaret Finlay

Best Australian Entry
“Evelyn” Michael Rayment
Runner Up, Best Australian
“Three Hours in Mashatu” Sally Hinton

At the judges’ discretion, they can nominate any Australian sequence deserving of an APS Acceptance from those not receiving a FIAP acceptance. The required standard is National, not International.

APS Acceptances
“Patio” Cynthia Henley-Smith
“St Martin or Sint Maarten” Jan Burt
“An Abstract Perspective’ Jan Burt
“Kimberley Country” Anne Emmett
“Little Boxes” Cynthia Henley-Smith
“Buttons” Cynthia Henley-Smith
“The Painted Ladies” Wal Close