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2009-11(Nov)-09; Weiteres iPhone-Mikrofon zum Aufstecken von Belkin und Tunewear Drucken E-Mail

Hallo, liebe www.HDAV-News.de Leser.

Bei meinen Reisen durch das WorldWideWeb bin ich wieder einmal auf ein interessantes Tool für unsere Projektion gestoßen. Und zwar in Verbindung mit dem iPod bzw. iPhone sollte es doch möglich sein, unser geniales www.OKM2.de zu verwenden. (siehe dazu auch Eintrag vom 24.07.09)

tuneware-mic3.jpgDie Firma Tuneware aus Hong Kong hat etwas ähnliches:

TUNEWEAR Stereo Sound Recorder SSR for iPod adds a stereo microphone to iPod. It is perfect for recording business meetings, school lectures, or your own rock band. There are two built-in high quality omni-directional microphones which record stereo sound directly to your iPod.

The audio line-in is compatible with external microphones having 3.5mm plugs and it also accepts line-in cables for recording from cassette decks or other analog equipment. While using the line-in function, turn on the built-in gain control to reduce distortion and control recording levels.

tunewear_mic_nah2.jpgThe included USB cable is compatible with standard iPod USB chargers. When used with iPod nano 2G and iPod 5G, pressing the recording hot button jumps directly to the ‘Voice Memo’ recording menu.

Size: approx. 62(W) x 35(H) x 20(D)mm
Weight: approx. 20g
Compatibility: Connects via the iPod 30-pin dock connector; Compatible with iPod classic*, iPod 5G, iPod nano 3G*, iPod nano 2G

*Quick record function is not supported with these iPod models



tuneware-mic1.jpg tuneware-mic4.jpg tuneware-mic2.jpg
Line In USB In Micro In


belkin_iphone_mikro.jpgAuch bei Belkin habe ich etwas gefunden: F8Z082-BLK http://www.belkin.com/

The new TuneTalk Stereo from Belkin features two high-quality omnidirectional microphones for recording memos, lectures, interviews, or conversations in full stereo. Review your CD-quality audio later by using your earbud headphones or computer.

Compatible with: iPod nano 2nd generation, 5th generation (video).

  • Offers CD-quality, stereo recording
  • Charges while recording with included cable
  • Fits most cases
  • Includes external microphone adapter (3.5mm stereo)
  • Features one-touch navigation for quick memos
  • Operates hands-free with included stand
  • Offers real-time adjustable gain for changing noise levels
  • Includes clipping indicator