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2014-09(Sep)-21; Neues Zoom Mikro iQ6 für die iPhone / iPod Welt Drucken E-Mail

Das neue iQ6 ist diese Jahr auf der IFA in Berlin vorgestellt worden. Die Firma Zoom hat es mit dem  X/Y-Stereoverfahren ausgestattet. Zwei gerichtete Mikrofone sind bei dieser Technik in einem Winkel zueinander angebracht. Dadurch sind Aufnahmen mit breitem Stereobild bei klarer, detaillierter Abbildung der Quellen im Zentrum möglich.

Je nach Anwendungsgebiet kann man Winkel 90° für fokussiertere Aufnahmen oder 120° für Breitbild-Aufnahmen wählen. Eine LED-Pegelanzeige stellt in drei Stufen dar, wie hoch die Eingangslautstärke ist und ob man gegebenenfalls das Gain herunterregeln musst.

Das iQ6 verfügt auch über einen analogen Gain-Drehregler zur manuellen Aussteuerung. Weiterhin findet sich eine Kopfhörerbuchse an dem Modul, so dass man latenzfrei abhören kann, was gerade aufgenommen wird. Der Lightning-Stecker des iQ6 ist besonders lang, so dass es auch an iOS-Geräten mit Schutzhülle betrieben werden kann.

Das volle Potential des Stereo-Mikrofons iQ6 erschließt sich im Zusammenspiel mit Zooms kostenloser App.
Als Aufnahme-Format bietet die App Linear PCM für höchste Qualität, AAC oder M-S-RAW, was die nachträgliche Veränderung des Stereo-Winkels erlaubt. Die App bietet auch eine Pegelanzeige, Aufnahme-Automatik und die Einstellung der Abhörlautstärke, die die Aufzeichnung noch komfortabler machen. Per Kompressor, Equalizer und Reverb werden die Audio-Aufzeichnungen zusätzlich aufgewertet und können dann direkt in der App als E-Mail verschickt oder auf SoundCloud hochgeladen werden. Neben der Smartphone Recorder App können die Mikrofone aber auch mit anderen Apps verwendet werden, die externen Mikrofone unterstützen.



For the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Turn your favorite iOS device into a field recorder by plugging in a Zoom iQ6 — the world's first stereo X/Y microphone with a Lightning connector. Capture the sound of concerts, interviews, meetings and lectures with precision and full fidelity, then share your creations with the world.




Capture the Moment

The compact and lightweight iQ6 allows you to create high-quality recordings wherever you go. Whether it's a podcast on the fly, an impromptu concert or a sound effect you want to incorporate into your next video, you can count on your iQ6 to capture the moment with superior audio.




X/Y Stereo for Versatility and Realism

The iQ6 features two high quality unidirectional condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration—the same ones used in our world-famous H4n Handy Recorder. X/Y stereo recording is a great way to cover a wide area while still capturing sound sources in the center with clarity and definition. You can even change the mic angle from 90 degrees for a tightly focused image to 120 degrees for immersive wide-angle stereo. (US Patent 8184815)




Microphone In, Headphone Out

The iQ6's large analog-type MIC GAIN wheel and three-segment level LEDs ensure that you'll always get great audio in every environment — from quiet meetings to loud concerts— with crystal clarity and no signal overload. The iQ6's dedicated headphone jack —which doubles as a line output— enables direct monitoring during both recording and playback.




Extended Connector, Removable Spacer

The iQ6 comes with an extended Lightning connector and removable spacer that allows it to be used with most iPhone, iPad and iPod cases. Simply plug your iQ6 in and start making great-sounding stereo recordings!

* Some cases might prevent connection even when the case adjuster is removed.




The Zoom Handy Recorder App

Zoom's Handy Recorder app, available for free from the iTunes App Store, provides a wealth of tools for your iQ6 and iOS device. In addition to offering onscreen level metering, it enables you to set the iQ6 headphone volume, as well as adding an automatic recording function—handy for capturing the sound of meetings, speeches, and other situations where you don't want to miss a thing. Choose linear PCM format for the highest quality sound or AAC format to conserve storage space, then apply compression, EQ and reverb effects to your recordings. Handy Recorder even allows you to email your files to friends and to upload them to SoundCloud for sharing with the world.

* Click Here to download the PDF manual of Handy Recorder app.


Expanded Compatibility for Enhanced Creativity

Take your creations to a whole new level with the iQ6. It works not only with Apple's Voice Memo and Garageband, but with most apps that support input from an external microphone. Use the iQ6 with voice recognition apps to add high-quality audio; with streaming apps to broadcast live performances; and with music apps to record vocals and instruments in full range stereo.




WSU-1 Universal Windscreen

The optional WSU-1 Universal Windscreen reduces wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent. Not only with the iQ6, but it can be used with other ZOOM Handy Recorders and Handy Video Recorders.


WSU-1 Universal Windscreen

* “Made for iPod,” “Made for iPhone,” and “Made for iPad” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect wireless performance.

* iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch and Retina are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad Air, iPad mini, and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc.

* App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


Microphone X/Y stereo mic (90°/120°)
Maximum input sound pressure 130dB SPL
Input gain -11 to + 51dB
Audio quality 44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/16bit
Power Powered by the connected device
Connector Lightning connector
Stereo mini jack (combined headphone/line level output)
Dimensions 61.1(W) x 30.6(D) x 53.1(H)mm
Weight 28.8g
Compatible devices iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display
Supported OS iOS 6.0 or newer
Included Accessories iQ6 XY Stereo Microphone
Operation Manual
Foam Windscreen
Optional Accessory Hairy Windscreen (WSU-1)