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2011-05(Mai)-02; Hier im www.HDAV-Blog.de die Platzierungen des Diaporama-Festivals von Epinal Drucken E-Mail

The 2011 Awards winners

The Festival committee takes note of the list of award winneEpinal_Werbungrs given by the international jury. Its members were requested to award 22 prizes, among which the FPF silver medal for the best soundtrack. The international jury chose not to award the prize; we deplore this decision.

Moreover, the international jury decided to:
Refuse the FIAP’s acceptation of 26 sequences which, albeit not having being selected for competition because of short screening time, should have had the benefit of it upon proposal of the preselection jury;
Refuse the FIAP’s acceptation of 17 sequences although they had been selected by the preselection jury and shown to the audience and the international jury.

We also deplore this very restrictive application of the FIAP’s regulation which goes against our philosophy.

The official list of awards is as follows:

AV awarded by the international juryEpinal_Chemicaland


  • Europa’s cup
    "Giftland" Toxicaland by André Teyck and Armand De Smet - Belgium
  • Prize of the town of Epinal
    "Mittgapause" La pause de midi by Jacques Delplan - Belgium
  • Prize of "Conseil Général des Vosges"
    La femme de la chambre 122 by Hervé Séguret - France
  • "Grand prix" of the jury - Electrosonic Prize
    Effets secondaires by Giacomo Cicciotti - Italy
  • Special prize of the jury - Fujifilm Prize
    Migrant Mother of Howard Bagshaw - United Kingdom
  • Special mention of the jury
    La confiture by Vincent Martin - France
  • Moine Prize of the thematical daring
    Le jour d’avant by Denys Quelever - France
  • Prix Griottines for environment
    Pollution solution by Claudine & Jean-Pierre Durand - France
  • FPF Prize for photo
    Toxicaland of André Teyck and Armand De Smet - Belgium
  • Jacques Thouvenot’s award for best screenplay
    La femme de la chambre 122 by Hervé Séguret - France
  • Prize of the Imagerie for the best original text
    Lucien by Maurice Guidicelli - France
  • Award for the best "off narration" Epinal_Besucher
    Et si j’osais ? by Jean-Yves Calvez - France
  • Vosges Matin award for the best historical documentary
    Deux doigts pour six cordes by Pierre-Marie Artaux - France
  • Lorraine photo award for the best travelling report
    Effets secondaires by Giacomo Cicciotti - Italy
  • Cup of humour Mangin-Eymonerie
    Le jour d’avant by Jean-Louis Terrienne - France
  • Noir et Couleur Award for the third picture
    The loves I have by Martin Fry - United kingdom
  • Pierre Marchal Award for technical virtuosity Epinal_Saal
    Ballade cosmique by René Jullien - France
  • Support Prize
    Détresse by Rachel Herman - France
  • Vosges Télévision award for the best documentary
    La pause de midi by Jacques Delplan - Belgium
  • FIAP’s honour award
    - Un air en fa mineur by Christian Hendrickx and André Teyck - Belgium
    - Foraine by Jean-Yves Calvez - France
    - Grisaille by Jacques Thouvenot - France
  • Thematic cup for "If I may dare"
    Si j’osais by Vincent Martin, Alain Geloen and Sophie Deschamps - France
  • "If I may dare" mention
    Et si j’osais ? of Jean-Yves Calvez - France
  • FIAP’s acceptations granted to the non-awarded sequences
    - Les fleurs noires d’Atacama de Martine Wégria - Belgium
    - Grande inconnue by Beata Boguslawska - Poland
    - Eclipse de soleil by Alessandro Benedetti - Italy
    - Papier s’il vous plaît by Maurice Ricou, Jean-Claude Boulais and Daniel Mar - France
    - After the Season by Dubiel Cezary - Poland
    - Special by Howard Bagshaw and Jeff Mansell - United kingdom
    - Le 203e jour by Danièle and Christian Brion - France
    - Dans le labyrinthe by Gian Carlo Bartolozzi - Italy
    - Jamais plus, toujours, les Gharabas by Luce Fillaud and Jean-Paul Petit - France
    - Le train et le Baïkal by Corentin Le Gall - France Epinal_Besucher2
    - Le mystère de Pétra by Maurice Guidicelli - France
    - Tough guy by Howard Bagshaw - United kingdom
    - La grande prairie by Jean-Paul Petit and Jacques Van de Weerdt - France/Belgium
    - A ces enfants by Jean-Marie Lafon-Delpit - France
    - Si j’osais by Denys Quelever - France
    - Uncle Sam by Paolo Grappolini - Italy
    - Versailles, la visite... by Jean-Louis Terrienne - France
    - Osez Venise by Jean Zucchet - France
    - Rue du 19 janvier by Jean-Pierre Simon - France
    - L’or bleu by Jean-Marie Béziat - France
    - Je prends la parole by Gabriel Mermet-Bouvier, Colette Fournier and Jean-Pierre Armand - France
    - Arizona beam by Michelle and Claude Hebert - France
    - Blur by Peter Coles and Emma Johnson - United kingdom
    - Les ombres de la villa by Michèle et Michel Paret - France
    - Et si j’osais by Jean-Louis Terrienne - France
    - Corpus 55 by René Jullien - France
    - Anno domini 2797 by RAL’81 group - Italy
    - Pardon M. le Président by Trabelsi Marwen and Michel Mollaret - Tunisia/France