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2011-03(März)-31; Peter Coles, ein Urgestein des internationalen Diaporamas, ist gestorben. Drucken E-Mail

Its with great sadness that we have to inform you that Peter died this morning 31.03.2011 in hospital following heart problems. You will be pleased to know he was working on a new AV sequence yesterday afternoon in his hospital bed.  His family were with him at the end.

Peter Coles

Peter Coles was born in Carlisle on the 4th of January 1935 and first moved to the Calder Valley in 1948, when his father Thomas William Coles became vicar of St. Mary’s Luddendenfoot. He attended Sowerby Bridge Grammar School where he met his wife Enid. He read Chemistry, Theology and Education at Leeds University. He taught Chemistry in two Bradford Grammar Schools and was a Senior Lecturer at Loughborough University teaching teachers of Chemistry. From there he went into Local Government in the South-East of England.
In 1986, he gave up his post as Chief Education Adviser for Berkshire and moved back to his roots in the Calder Valley to concentrate on his photography and writing. Over forty of his books and a few thousands of his pictures are now published and he has himself, through Sephton Enterprises, published a number of works by other authors. He has had several one-man exhibitions of his photographic montages but he is probably better known for his Audio-Visual works; he was National AV Champion in 1991 with “Jill is Still” and again in 2003 with “Sarah” which he co-produced with Sheilah Peel who lives in Westport in the Irish Republic. He has now achieved well over a hundred-and-fifty major International awards including having twice won the European Cup for Diaporama, once with his friend Colin Balls with “Motorway” and once on his own with “Kingdom Come”. He achieved his Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society with Pictorial Prints in 1986 and also a Fellowship in AV in the same year. Until 2007 he edited, produced and published a quarterly magazine AV WORLD, the only generally available publication in the English language devoted exclusively to Audiovisual work. This was established by Peter and his two AV friends Colin Balls and Ron Davies when the RPS decided that AV News (which Peter then edited) could not be available to non members. The Royal Photographic Society has recently recinded their ban on non-members purchasing AV News and so there is now no need to publish two similar magazines.

Peter was Awarded the Fenton Medal by the RPS in 2008 for services to Photography

Peter and Enid have three children:
Mark is a radio reporter and presenter with the BBC World Service,
Richard, amongst other things, teaches English in Madrid
and Belinda helps to manage a World-wide employment agency.
Currently they have seven grandchildren, Ally, Emma and Joe in Reading; Pablo and Hanna in Madrid;  Hari James Sephton Coles was born to Mark and Leala on 27th July 2007 in London and most recently Annie, born in December 2009.

Peter has represented Luddendenfoot Ward on Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council for the last 16 years. He did not stand for election in May 2010.

He was previously a Councillor for Blackshaw; he was Chairman of this Parish Council twice. Later he was a Councillow for Hebden Royd; he was deputy Mayor in 1992/93 and Mayor 1993/94.

Peter was a very active Calderdale Councillor.

At various periods during his 16 years:

He was Portfolio Holder for Health and Social  care.


For those discontent with the fly-leaf, who would really like to know the whole story of his Images and what has become of them, read on

and on

and on:

There can be few AV workers who have not been in some way affected by Peter’s words images and Sequences but he himself prefers to recognise the contributions that others have made towards his own growth over three decades of AV companionship. He lists some of them in no particular order, other than just as they pop into his head.Some of these will be no surprise; others – well some may wonder why they are there, but these are just as important to Peter.

Peter says he could go on and on listing worker after worker and that, if he has seen just one of your AVs, then you have most certainly influenced him; for that is what we do for each other.

If he has not seen at least one of your AVs then he says that it is time he did.