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2010-01(Jan)-27; Dataton mit neuem Watchout 4.2 auf der ISE 2010 in Amsterdam vom 2.- 4.Februar Drucken E-Mail


Visit the Dataton stand 2C74, Hall 2, at ISE and get a jump start on 2010.

Dataton WATCHOUT™ watchout_2010
We'll be showing the features that have made this multi-display presentation system such a success with producers and clients. Find out how you can put more punch into your presentations with powerful features like Auxiliary Timelines, Compositions, Stage Tiers, Masking, Blend Modes. Join us for WATCHOUT presentations, and Q&A sessions, all day long at ISE. Download the latest version for free here.

NEW! Take a look at the brand new Dataton WATCHOUT Systems Manager, showing for the first time at ISE. The WATCHOUT Systems Manager is an entirely new product concept. Based on Adobe Flash technology, coupled with the powerful Networking capabilities of WATCHOUT, you can create interactive front-ends for your WATCHOUT systems and presentations. The systems manager features ready-to-run applications, an Application Programming Interface and library for creating your own applications.

Dataton PICKUP™
Thousands of museum-goers worldwide love it — now you, too, can get your hands on PICKUP, the intuitive audio guide from Dataton. Sleek and smart with its robust aluminium housing and single user button, PICKUP weighs just 45 g and features top quality sound reproduction via headphones or self-contained loudspeaker. Multiple tours, sync to show soundtrack, instant playback. PICKUP is easy to use, easy to install and easy to administer via the smart charger.

Info and downloads: www.dataton.com

Visit ISE for free: Dataton's invitation code 706353. Register here.

Dataton Logo


WATCHOUT at trade show

DATATON WATCHOUT 4.2 available now

Dataton WATCHOUT™ version 4.2 is now live on the Dataton website, along with another exciting, new product: WATCHOUT Systems Manager. Premiered at ISE, Amsterdam, the WATCHOUT Systems Manager lets you control WATCHOUT in numerous new and dynamic ways. You'll also find introduction videos in the "Movies" section on the Dataton website. The WATCHOUT Systems Manager is designed for use with version 4.2 of Dataton WATCHOUT.

Features in version 4.2
Playback of H.264-encoded video: You can now play back H.264-encoded video from most standards-compliant M4V, MP4 and MOV files. New tween tracks: A slew of new tween tracks has been added, further enhancing the creative possibilities of WATCHOUT, such as Wipe (Bands, Strips, Venetian, Tiles); Keep Color; Channel Mixer. MIDI show control enhancements.

WATCHOUT Systems Manager

With the WATCHOUT Systems Manager, you can create interactive front-ends for your Dataton WATCHOUT systems and presentations on the platform of your choice. It gives producers and system integrators new ways to tap into the powerful capabilities of WATCHOUT. Based on Adobe Flash technology, the WATCHOUT Systems Manager includes two ready-to-run applications for remote control and scheduling. It also features an Application Programming Interface and Communications library for creating your own applications. Get it for free at www.dataton.com/downloads. Introduction movie here.

WATCHOUT Remote application
A remote control for your WATCHOUT show – lets you pick a show to run, access cue points in the show, set conditional layers, run and pause, display time position and countdown to next cue, and more. Demo movie here.

WATCHOUT Remote application

WATCHOUT Scheduler application
A sophisticated scheduler, allowing you to control and monitor a number of WATCHOUT display systems. While running the schedules assigned to each display subsystem, the application also monitors the status of each system, indicating errors and other events. Demo movie here.

WATCHOUT Scheduler application

Build your own applications for managing WATCHOUT from almost any device or platform, including phones and web-browsers, all the way up to desktop computers.


Cross Platform Compatibility
The resulting applications can run on a wide variety of hardware, ranging from mobile devices with wireless network connectivity to traditional computers, as a double-clickable application, running under MacOS X, Windows or Linux.

Open Source
The Remote and Scheduler applications included in the product come with full source code, allowing you to use these applications as starting points or inspiration for your own, customized applications.


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