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2008-11(Nov)-11; Neue PicturesToExe 5.6 Betaversion mit Alphakanal-Steuerung Drucken E-Mail
PicturesToExe Deluxe 5.6 Beta

What new in version 5.6:

+ Added export of slideshow as a video. (See Main menu -> Create)
- Export of HD video for playback on PC, Mac and PS3.
- Export of video for iPhone/iPod.
- Publish online on Youtube.
- Publish online on Vimeo with HD quality.

+ New 3D transition effects between slides:
- Added "Flip 3D" effect.
- Added "Swap 3D" effect.
- Reworked "Curling of page 3D" effect. Set large radius parameter to get completely new effects.

+ Improvements in Objects and Animation window:
- Mask objects for creating of special effects. You can apply several
Masks to one image object.
- Music and sounds when you click "Play" button for preview.
- Added "Anti-shimmering (mipmapping)" option for Image and Text objects. This option prevents appearing of shimmering when object has zoom from small size to large size.
! "Original size" mode of objects has been replaced. Now use "Fixed size of slide (in pixels)" mode in Project options | Screen tab. And "Size/position in pixels" button in Common tab of object properties.

+ Added "Color outside slide area" option (Project options | Screen tab). By default if you run widescreen slideshow (16:9) on 4:3 display you see black strips around the slide. Now you can choose this color.
+ Added menu on Create button.
+ Faster rewinding of slides in created EXE file and preview.
+ Improved installer of PicturesToExe, multi-lingual interface.
+ Various improvements.

Slideshow as video file and online slideshow:

Important note:
In this beta slideshow in EXE format and Preview temporarily don't have all usual functions because we completely rewrote slideshow's engine.
- No "Run application" and no new special "Run slideshow"
- No "Wait for a key press" and looping of a slide.
These features will be available in the nearest beta releases.

Please post bug-reports in special topic:

Beta 2:

* Fixed problem with locking of the program at beginning of encoding video (for PC, iPhone, Youtube, Vimeo).
* Fixed bug if set rarely used aspect ratio of a slide (more than 9:1)
* Fixed bug with thin black line in encoded MP4 video for iPhone/Youtube.
* Increased limit of bitrate to 24 mbit for "HD video for PC and Mac".
+ Activated "old" features:
- Print/Save dialogs in slideshows (if they used).
- Screensaver mode.
+ Updated French language file.
+ Various small improvements.

Beta 3:

* Fixed problem with encoding H.264 video under Windows Vista.
* Fixed bug with NavBar when an action is assigned for Left mouse button in slideshows.
* Fixed bug when Container of mask didn't remember assigned virtual size (in Properties tab).
* Fixed various small bugs in the main program of PicturesToExe.
+ Activated "old" features:
- "Pause when window of slide show becomes inactive" option (Project options | Main tab).

Beta 4:
* Fixed various bugs.
* Improved reliability.

Beta 5:
+ You can use 2-pass encoding of video (in preset for PC and Mac).
+ Improved speed of creating of video when "Pan and scan" option enabled.
+ Various small improvements.
* Fixed old bug with visual defects in Slide list after pressing of Win+L key, or after locking of PC.
* Fixed bugs with error message on attempt to delete a slide (if "Random show of slides" option was enabled).
* Fixed problem when creating of H.264 video for PC and Mac didn't start.
* Fixed bug with incorrect proportions of slide when "Pan and scan" option unchecked in creation of video for PC, iPhone, Vimeo.
* Fixed bug when values in Size/Position tool window (O&A editor) were not actual.

Beta 6:
* Fixed problem with uploading of created video to Vimeo.
* Fixed bug of previous betas when there were no music in created video files if music in WMA/OGG format.
* Small improvements.

Beta 7:
+ Improved encoder of H.264 video: quality of video better than created in previous betas, file size smaller on 30% but encoding takes on 30% more time.
+ "Pan & Scan" option (when you create MPEG4 video) is more intuitive now.
+ Added new FPS presets for creating of MPEG4 video: 24p, 50p, 60p.
+ Improved protection of images and music in created EXE file with slideshow against extracting.
+ Small improvements with inserting of a new keyframe.
* Fixed bug of previous betas when there were no music in created video files if music in WMA/OGG format.
* Fixed minor bug of previous betas with "Save slide" feature in slideshow. Incorrect slide number in file name - "Slide 5.bmp" instead of "Slide1.bmp" for a project with four slides.
* Fixed an old bug (since v5.5) when after renaming of a main image in Slide list or File panel MiniPlayer didn't display renamed image.
* Fixed an old bug (since v5.1) when changing of display resolution, locking of PC or Sleep mode applied during encoding of video caused visual defects in created video file.
* Fixed other small bugs in the main program of PicturesToExe.