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2019-12(Dez)-04; HDAV.Blog - Ergebnisse des AV Wettbewerbs "Great Northern Festival" in Manchester Drucken E-Mail


The 25th

Great Northern Festival
29th November to 1st December 2019

The 25th Great Northern Festival


Another 'great' weekend, with visitors from all over the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands.
Once again most people were present for the whole weekend this year. And each year we gain people coming for the first time, the word must be spreading.
We hope that all those of you who were present enjoyed your time there.

Friday evening saw a presentation by Ken & Carol Wilson of Phase 4 Films.


Ken & Carol have been making Films for many years and they showed a varied selection of their work from early productions to more recent ones. From comedy to horror, hit-men to a music video for a wedding, their work covered all genres.
They told us about each film & some of the trials & tribulations in filming some of the scenes. Each film had a twist to give an ending we were not expecting - always good to keep your viewers guessing.
There were plenty of questions from the audience especially during the interval, which kept Ken & Carol busy.
This was a very entertaining evening, giving us plenty of ideas, some of which could  possibly be interpreted as an AV.

Saturday and Sunday was the parallelrunning of The New Horizons competition with 14 entries and the Great Northern competition with 41 entries.
The Judges

Edgar Gibbs (Chair) and Alan & Bev Tyrer had a very difficult task deciding the awards. All of the entries were of a high standard and the level of the New Horizons entries keeps improving every year. Any one of the entries could easily have won.
The awards were presented by 3 L&CPU Presidents - (Right to Left) Garth Tighe, immediate Past President,  Bob Robinson Vice President, and Gordon Jenkins, immediate Past President of the PAGB & twice Past President of the L&CPU

The New Horizons Competition
and the L&CPU Gold Medal was won by

by Derrick Holliday

This Sequence also won the Audience Vote
Encouragingly, all of the New Horizons entries each received several votes from the audience.
Jill & John busy counting the Audience Votes. With so many present for the full weekend, there were a lot of votes this year

The Great Northern Competition
and the PAGB Gold Medal was won by 'Safe' by Judith Kimber
This sequence also won the Audience vote.
Sadly Judith could not be present with us this year.


The Howard Gregory
Memorial Trophy
for the Most Creative Soundtrack

'It's Good To Talk'
by John Smith


Great Northern - 41 Entries


  1. 1st Winner - ‘Safe' by Judith Kimber, PAGB Gold Medal
  2. 2nd Place - 'There Was Never Anybody Like Him' by Richard Brown, PAGB Silver Medal
  3. 3rd Place - 'Inn On The Pass' by Keith Leedham, PAGB Bronze Medal
  • Highly Commended - 3 equally placed
  • 'The End Of All Our Exploring' by Mark Allen
  • 'God’s Paintbrush' by Malcolm Imhoff
  • 'Shifting Shores' by Malcolm & Jenny Gee


Commended - 3 equally placed


  • 'The Valiant Soldier' by Ian Bateman
  • 'The Great Paternalist' by Tony Collinson
  • 'Visions Of Africa' by Lisa Bukalders


Judges Special Mention - 3 Equally Placed


  • 'The Corruption Of Innocence' by Liam Haines,
  • '100 Years of Change' by Bryan Stubbs
  • 'Postcards from Cornwall' by Martin Fry


  1. 1st Place Audience Vote - ‘Safe' by Judith Kimber
  2. 2nd Place Audience Vote - 'There Was Never Anybody Like Him' by Richard Brown
  3. 3rd Place Audience Vote - 'Inn On The Pass' by Keith Leedham
  4. 4th Place Audience Vote - ‘The End of All Our Exploring’ by Mark Allen


New Horizons - 14 Entries (Beginner)


  • 1st Winner - 'Reconciliation' by Derrick Holliday
  • 2nd Place - 'La Vallee des Saints' by Mo Martin
  • 3rd Place - 'Lovanet Lake' by Peter & Carol Hyett
  • Highly Commended - ‘My Private Peaceful’ by Jim Waddington
  • Commended - ‘Will You Speak For Me’ by Jenny Baker
  • 1st Audience Vote - 'Reconciliation' by Derrick Holliday
  • 2nd Place Audience Vote - 'Sound of Silence’ by Brian Pere
  • 3rd Place Audience Vote - ‘La Vallee des Saints' by Mo Martin
  • For the Most Creative Soundtrack, 'It’s Good To Talk' by John Smith


Presented by Edgar Gibbs
Chairman of the Jury

Congratulations to all the award winners
Full results are available on the website or can be downloaded HERE
Images from the weekend will be added to the website shortly
Our thanks to Mark Allen, Alastair Taylor and Eric Davies for sending their images for publication.
All of the New Horizons entrants will be sent the comments made by the Judges on their sequence.
The Great Northern Entrants will be sent the ABC scores.

Once again most of the entries were shorter than previously - is this a new trend?
This meant each Session was only 1 hour, less tiring for audience and Judges.

It also meant we were able to enjoy longer breaks and meal times. This allowed more time for the all important socialising, getting to know new authors, discussing the entries and passing on useful hints and tips.

The lunch time food at The Hough End Conference Centre was, as always excellent. Our Thanks go Tina Bowker, Head Chef and her staff for their efforts.

Many of those attending the event enjoyed an excellent evening meal at the Britannia Hotel on the Saturday.
We had a private room with bar and this was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and discuss the sequences shown during the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel had also upgraded all the rooms of those staying there to executive rooms free of charge and put us all together on the top floor, meaning no disturbance from other guests arriving or leaving at different times.
Our Thanks go to Stephanie Torrance of the Britannia for arranging the rooms and evening meal.


A Big Thank You from the Great Northern Team and helpers, talt

o all entrants and attendee's for making this weekend such a success.
We couldn't do it without you

We hope you will be able to join us again next year for the 26th Great Northern Festival
4th to 6th December 2020 - put the dates in your Diary now!