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2007-02(Feb)-21; Ergebnisse des 3-2-1 Digital-AV-Wettbewerbs Drucken E-Mail

Auf der Webseite von Ian Batmann kann man die Ergebnisse des 3,2,1-Wettbewerbs vom 18. Februar nachlesen. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Veranstaltung des Wantage Camera Clubs in Großbritannien. Die Grundidee dabei ist, dass keines der gezeigten digitalen Werke länger als 3 Miuten und 21 Sekunden sein darf! Diese Kurzwerke werden ähnlich dem Diaporama-Supercicuit in verschiedenen Ländern gezeigt um am Ende einen Gesamtsieger zu küren. Das Endergebnis wird dann hier bekanntgegeben: http://www.challengediaporama321.com/


Welcome to first AV Event of 2007!

The challenge for 'AVers' is to make a short sequence with a maximum duration of 3 minutes 21 seconds, hence the title of the competition. The UK stage will be held in the Memorial Hall, Aldbourne on Sunday 18th February. Please note there was a typo on the email I sent out advertising this event, and its definitely 18th!

Equally challenging is the fact that the entries will be judged at 12 locations around the world, by judges whose native language is not necessarily the same as your own!

There are 56 entries for the 2007 competition, of which 27 are French, 14 British and the rest from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland and Argentina. Last year the French took most of the honours with some very slick and entertaining sequences. Will the Brits redress the balance this year - or will it be like the Ashes all over again!!

Come to Aldbourne on 18th February to what will probably be the year's most fast and furious AV event!!