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2007-02(Feb)-21; Einladung nach Chelles/Paris zum 27. Multiphot Festival Drucken E-Mail
Folgende Mail hat mich heute erreicht:
CHELLES MULTIPHOT 2007 : the program is launched!

During a week, a festival with a lot of events :  projections, spectacles, contests, exposition of  photographs, workshops and the traditional fair photo-movies-sound...

See you for the 27 st Multiphot Festival, from 28th to 4th march 2007.

The programs available on web site 

The festival team

Meine Meinung:
Ich selbst war schon mehrfach bei dieser außergewöhnlichen Veranstaltung, welche es in dieser Art nur 2 mal in Europa gibt. Schon zu Diazeiten wurde hier mächtig geklotzt und nirgendwo sonst konnte man Multivisionen mit einer so großen Anzahl von Projektoren und auf rießige Panorama-Leinwänden in dieser Fülle sehen. Es ist und war das Festival der Multivision-Profis, welche zu 90% mit Dataton arbeiten. http://www.dataton.com/news Bekannte Namen aus der internationalen Szene stritten sich dort um den AMI-Award, welcher auch mehrfach nach Deutschland und zwar an die Fa. von Aichberger und Roenneke ging. http://www.dia-av.de/html/digital-av.html Weitere Infos von der Homepage des Festivals:


Chelles Audiovisuel organizes each year in March an International demonstration devoted to the image. This demonstration proceeds in Chelles in Seine-et-Marne and has as the name "Chelles Multiphot".
 It is held in two events, the "Festival of the projected image" the first week, and the "Fair Photo-Movies-Sound" the next weekend.





For several years Chelles Multiphot has known to impose like one of the major events and one of the most important International Festival scale.


27e MULTIPHOT awaits you from the 28 Februry to March  04, 2007.
Complete program as of January 12.

 Projection & meetings
 Thursday March 01st, 2007 at 6 pm

 Audio-visual cabaret "Dances this time there"
 Friday March 02sd, 2007 at 8.30 pm

 Competition "amateur"
 Saturday March 03, 2007 at 9 h 30 am and 2 pm

 Projection & handing-over of the rewards
 Saturday March 03, 2007 at 8 pm

 Meet & meal
Sunday March 4th, 2007 at 10.30 am


Chelles under the lights of projectors.

During two weeks, a festival with a lot of events as indicated in the program: projections, spectacles, contests, theatre, photograph exhibition workshops and the traditional photo-movies-sound fair...

Chelles: a real meeting-place for the public, artists and audio-visual producers who ex- press an increasingly strong attachment to it each year; meeting place for producers, directors and developers for 26 years. Edition after edition, the festival has con- tinued its ambition: a large international gathering of people in love with the image.

Chelles Multiphot: precursor of the new tendencies of production and diffusion, falls under the continuity of the practices of the audio-visual language of the still picture /image. The new evolutions of developments and the digital processing have transformed the technical approach and revealed new glances to be opened at the time of these evenings. And, with an impressive structure where all the systems cross themselves, it is certainly the only place where it is still possible to see or to ap- preciate "slide works"

Chelles and its theatre: around an artistic and cultural challenge, presents two expe- riments theatrical, original and spectacular, with high level audio-visual techniques.

Chelles it is Multiphot; The Multiphot is the "festival of the projected image"