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20-22.Nov; Sirene wAVe, Mailand
von Freitag, 20. November 2020 -  08:00
bis Sonntag, 22. November 2020 - 17:00
Aufrufe : 400

sirene wave 2020Gruppo Fotoamatori Sestesi

Digital Audiovisual International Competition – 2nd Edition - 2020

FIAP Patronage 2020/422 - FIAF 20AVF15



The competition aims to promote the photographic audiovisual medium and to use it

to communicate their own personal vision incorporating feeling, senses and

imagination to the viewer. The contest is open to authors from all around the world

that belong or not to a club or federation. The term "author" means the person

(individual or group) that produced the audiovisual personally or has run production

using contributions from third parties and is the one to present it to the competition.

All works received will be reviewed by the official jury or a possible pre-selection jury

where there are one or more members of the official jury depending on the number

of entries received. The Official Jury will determine acceptances, prizes and any

mentions and special prizes at its discretion. The jury judges the audiovisual and not

the author.


Digital Audiovisual International Competition – Sirene wAVe – 2nd Edition - 2020



An audiovisual is a presentation that combines photographic images, sound and

sometimes a text: the photographic image is its key feature. Screen video inserts

(partial or whole screen) are allowed if strictly functional to the story and are not

prevalent compared to photographic images during the sequence. The synergy

between images and soundtrack is left to the author’s creativity but the sequence

must be harmoniously integrated with its own script and dynamic communication.

The subject is free and all audiovisuals will be evaluated by the jury regardless of





Each author can submit up to three works produced from 2017 onwards and which

have not already participated in previous editions of Sirene Wave Competition, each

lasting no longer than 12 minutes. Sequences with voice-over must be accompanied

by a summary in English to make it easier the work of the international jury.




• € 15,00 for each sequence submitted for FIAF members or the Association that

are members of FIAP;

• € 18,00 for each sequence for non-members.

Payment of the fee must be made in one of the following ways:

• Bank transfer to Gruppo Fotoamatori Sestesi stating the purpose of payment:

“surname, name - wave contest 2020”. Bank account details are:

IBAN: IT 65 T 08453 20706 000000020444 - BIC: ICRAITRRCL0

• By paypal: https://www.paypal.me/gieffesse, with the same purpose of payment.






The jury is composed of three people with proven experience in the digital audiovisual



• Jean-Paul Petit EFIAP - France - Trophée de Paris Organizer

• Lorenzo De Francesco – Italy - AV-EFI - FIAP Director Audiovisual Service

• Antonio Grassi - Italy - BFI - AFI – Sesto San Giovanni FIAF Gallery Director



The final evaluation of audiovisual by the Jury will take place on the dates indicated

in the calendar. The evaluation session will be open to the public. The members of


Digital Audiovisual International Competition – Sirene wAVe – 2nd Edition - 2020


the organizing committee, jury members and their families are not eligible to take

part in the contest.


The jury will view the works submitted during the public screening sessions. If the

number of works received exceeds the time available for public screenings, they will

be viewed in advance by the jury to select the candidates admitted to the screening

and then to the prizes/acceptances. The jury may ask for further see again the

audiovisual in case of discussion for the awards. In any case, the maximum number

of works admitted to the final phase will be 60 audiovisual.




Submission starts on July 15th

Deadline for submission on September 15th

Public projection of admitted sequences: Friday/Saturday, November 20-21 in the

headquarters of Gruppo Fotoamatori Sestesi, via Dante 6, Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

Palmares proclamation, projection, and award ceremony: Sunday, November 22nd at

Spazio Talamucci, via Dante 6, Sesto San Giovanni (MI).


The catalog of the audiovisuals and digital certificates will be sent within one month

from the end of the competition.


Given the conditions of uncertainty due to the pandemic COVID-19 events and the

fact that there is currently no guarantee about dates, travel and possibility of

gatherings, it is faculty of the jury and of the organization to decide to proceed only

via videoconference to judgment, discussion and awards ceremony.




The club organizer, Gruppo Fotoamatori Sestesi, via Dante 6, Sesto San Giovanni (MI),

will take care of:



  • publication of the notice of the competition and the registration form on the site

  • www.sirenefotografia.it and www.gieffesse.it;

  • collect of all required material (AV + cards) sent to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. ;

  • verification of payment of the participation fee;

  • sending to all participants of the catalog of the event and the overall standings

  • and detail in pdf format via web.

Gruppo Fotoamatori Sestesi will have the unappealable right to reject works that do


not comply with technical and administrative requirements. These include among

Digital Audiovisual International Competition – Sirene wAVe – 2nd Edition - 2020

others, the correct completion of registration form and the audiovisual identification

sheet. In particular all the documents must clearly indicated the / the author/s of all

contributions (Idea / creation / photography / assembly audio / soundtrack) and that

information must be consistent across all media (FIAP card - poster - credits reported

in audiovisual).

The author of the audiovisual is the holder for scoring / statistics and compliance with

the regulation.



Each author will send:

Registration form with acceptance signature (6th page of regulation);

Copy of payment of the fee;

An author photo in electronic format (35x45mm 300 dpi);

A compiled and signed FIAP fiche for each work, found at the following web address:


Poster illustrated work in a horizontal format, with work title and author's name in

jpg 30x20 cm format at 300 dpi;

The sequences file can be:

EXE file type, operates in 1920 pixels formed in the long side;

mp4 video file types, (recommended) H.264 compression - 1080p / 25fps – 1GB

max size.

A summary in English for each audiovisuals contain voice-over in pdf format.

They will not be allowed :

• Audiovisuals requiring software, additional files or special settings;

• Audiovisuals that requires use of personal equipment author;

• Audiovisuals produced before 2017 or which have already participated in the

other editions of Sirene Wave Competition.

Although it is possible to send .EXE files, the organization specifically recommends

using video files with .mp4 format to avoid any compatibility issues with hardware

systems at the disposal of the same. The organization accepts no liability if unable to

correctly reproduce sequences files.

All the material, compressed in a single .ZIP or .RAR file, must be sent to

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. via file transfer (using free systems available on the internet

such as www.wetransfer.com) including FIAP identification fiche, and signed and

scanned registration form.

Digital Audiovisual International Competition – Sirene wAVe – 2nd Edition - 2020



1st - Golden Medal FIAP + € 100 via Paypal + digital certificate;

2nd - Silver Medal FIAP + € 75 via Paypal + digital certificate;

3rd - Bronze Medal FIAP + € 50 via Paypal + digital certificate;

4th - Golden Medal FIAF + digital certificate;

5th - Silver Medal FIAF + digital certificate;

6th - Bronze Medal FIAF + digital certificate;

7th / 10th - digital certificate.



All the sequences submitted to the contest must be free from any kind of rights,

artistic or other property held by third parties, about the photos, videos and

soundtrack; participants must fully accept the rules and release the contest organizers

from any liability in this regard.



By signing the registration form and sending the identification sheet with sequences

files, authors give their consent to playing of their work in events related to the

competition and to the use by the organizers for any other projections, upon notice

to author.



For more information about the competition please visit www.sirenefotografia.it or

www.gieffesse.it or send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. .

Veranstaltungsort* : Mailand
Event-Link : http://www.sirenefotografia.it/